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In this article, I would like to introduce you to Amazon Warehouse Deals. A lot of people know about and shop on Amazon regularly, but I’m not sure how many know about Amazon Warehouse Deals. If you have already discovered this part of Amazon, good for you. If you haven’t and don’t mind buying slightly used or refurbished items, prepare to learn a new way to save money through Amazon.

Free Zero Based Budgeting - Image from my remodeled showerI’ve recently been undertaking complete remodeling of the two bathrooms in my house. I actually had contractors give me estimates which were anywhere between $10,000 to $25,000 per bathroom. There was no way I was going to spend that kind of money when I have the skills to do the job myself. Part of the process became trying to find the best deals on materials and supplies. I didn’t want to spend all of my time blindly going to the big box stores and paying whatever prices were on their shelves. I also didn’t want to pay the premium prices that high-end plumbing supplies stores are charging today. This is where Amazon and other online retailers fit in. I got almost all of my plumbing fixtures at 40 to 50% off ordering from Amazon. I say almost all, because some of them I got at 75% or more discount through Amazon Warehouse Deals.

For example, I needed shower kits for the two showers I would be installing. My wife and I had selected Moen’s Brantford collection. When looking for the shower kits (Moen T62153), I noticed that there was a used option that was half the price of the same item new. I saw the used options, but I noticed this particular used item sold and shipped through Amazon Warehouse. I got the product 75% off of list price and it was still eligible for Amazon Prime 2 day free shipping. I couldn’t pass it up. The item arrived with all the required parts and looked new. After installation it works correctly and looks great.

Zero Based Budgeting - AmazonWarehouseDeals ExampleAbove is a screenshot of a deal for a similar Moen Brantford shower trim kit. I captured a screen shot because I wanted you to see the prices new and used. The items in Amazon Warehouse are in limited quantities and therefore once they sell, their listings disappear. This is a screen capture taken of Amazon’s site on  June 1st of 2012. Notice the three different prices, List Price ($173.35), New ($90.00) and Used ($51.33). List price is what Moen suggests for the retail price. New is what you can buy it for from Amazon as a new product. Used is the price from Amazon Warehouse Deals or some of their other partner retailers.

Amazon at this point seems to carry almost any product imaginable. I even check their prices on auto parts now before I order anywhere else. Buying slightly used or refurbished items from Amazon Warehouse is a great way to keep a bit more of your money and get the same great products.

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